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LETTER to Sea Shepherd Steve Irwin

To: Whom it may concern on the STEVE IRWIN
From: Master of the YUSHINMARU No. 2

15th January 2008

This letter is to inform you regarding the treatment of the two individuals, Mr. Benjamin Michael Potts and Mr. Giles David Lane who illegally intruded YUSHIN MARU No. 2 on 15th of January 2008.

As we respect their wish of returning to your vessel, they may disembark YUSHIN MARU No. 2 as soon as possible provided you guarantee the full security of Japanese research vessels.

Onboard the YUSHIN MARU No. 2, they were treated humanely and provided warm meals. They also took a nice and warm bath as well as good sleep on comfortable beds with white clean sheets. No violent action was given to them.

Upon transferring these two individuals, you must follow instructions below:

1. You MUST NOT take any violent action or video/photo shooting activities against us.
2. You MUST use your zodiac boat to rendezvous with YUSHIN MARU No.2 without carrying any dangerous items for attacks.
3. The Steve Irwin MUST stay still at the position we will instruct, where at least 10 nautical miles away from the rendezvous position.
4. No helicopter is allowed to fly around.

To be official, all communications must be via the Institute of Cetacean Research (ICR) with a formal letter.

If you can accept the above, you may respond to the ICR (FAX# +81-3-3536-6522). Immediately after we confirm your response, we will provide you detailed information for the release of the two individuals (rendezvous time and position).

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