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Additional Information on the two intruders in custody

The two intruders in custody onboard on the Yushin Maru No.2 have been treated appropriately and given meals as following:

1. From the very beginning the YM2 crew invited them to take their meals together at the vessel's dining room

2. However both strongly refused and are taking their meals at their own room.

3. Menu content (what they have eaten).

  • 15 January dinner: two slices of bread, corn potage, vegetable salad, green tea, strawberry jam, mermelade.

  • 16 January breakfast: 2 bread slices, plain omelette, bacon (they didn't eat the bacon), strawberry jam, mermelade, green tea.

  • 16 January lunch: chicken rice, tofu with soy sauce, milk, gren tea, hot cakes (dessert).

  • 16 January 3:20 pm tea brunch: sweet-jellied azuki bean paste (with green tea powder), green tea.

  • 16 January dinner: white rice, tempura (prawns, squid, sweetfish, sweet potato, beans on the pod), green tea, (they did not eat both prawns nor squid).


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