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Scientific contribution

New publications

Below is a list of some of the most recent scientific papers.



Pastene, L.A. and Goto, M. 2016. Genetic characterization and population genetic structure of the Antarctic minke whale Balaenoptera bonaerensis in the Indo-Pacific region of the Southern Ocean. Fish. Sci. 82: 873-886. L-J Abstract, Springer Link

Wada, N., Yamanaka, S., Shibato, J., Rakwal, R., Hirako, S., Iizuka, Y., Kim, H., Matsumoto, A., Kimura, A., Takenoya, F., Yasunaga, G. and Shioda, S. 2016. Behavioral and omics analyses study on potential involvement of dipeptide balenine through supplementation in diet of senescence-accelerated mouse prone 8. Genom. Data 10: 38-50. L-J Abstract and PDF, ScienceDirect Link



Hirako, S., Suzuki, M., Kim, H., Iizuka, Y., Matsumoto, A., Wada, N., Okabe, M., Takenoya, F., Yasunaga, G., Yamanaka, S., Miyazaki, A. and Shioda, S. 2016. Hepatic lipid accumulation is ameliorated in obese KK mice by dietary sei whale oil. Fish. Sci.. 82: 509-517. L-J Abstract, Springer Link

Miyakawa, N., Kishiro, T., Fujise, Y., Nakamura, G. and Kato, H. 2016. Sexual Dimorphism in Pelvic Bone Shape of the North Pacific Common Minke Whales (Balaenoptera acutorostrata). Open J. Anim. Sci. 6: 131-136. L-J Abstract and PDF, Scientific Research Publishing Link

Murase, H., Tamura, T., Otani, S. and Nishiwaki, S. 2016. Satellite tracking of Bryde's whales Balaenoptera edeni in the offshore western North Pacific in summer 2006 and 2008. Fish Sci 82:35-45. NL-J Abstract, Springer Link

Nakamura, G., Kadowaki, I., Nagatsuka, S., Hayashi, R., Kanda, N., Goto, M., Pastene, L.A. and Kato, H. 2016. White Patch on the Fore-Flipper of Common Minke Whale, as a Potential morphological Index to Identify Stocks. Open J. of Anim. Sci. 6: 116-122. L-J Abstract and PDF, Scientific Research Publishing Link

Ohishi, K., Bando, T., Abe, E., Kawai, Y., Fujise, Y. and Maruyama, T. 2016. Long-term and large-scale epidemiology of Brucella infection in baleen whales and sperm whales in the western North Pacific and Antarctic Oceans. J. Vet. Med. Sci. 78: 1457-1464. L-J Abstract and PDF, J-STAGE Link

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