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Oceanographic Data from JARPA and JARPA II Research Whaling Programs

Though the JARPA and JARPAII research, we have been studying not only whales but also their environment in the Antarctic. Here we are making public the marine physical environment data obtained during these research programs. From the links in the table below, you may check the oceanographic observation position diagram for each whale research cruise period and download the respective oceanographic data sets. The JARPA oceanographic data presented here are organized by observation (whale research cruise) period, namely from December to March, by observation equipment (XBT, XCTD, CTD) and available as a separate ZIP compressed file. Further, data for each observation station are available in CSV format.

Oceanographic Data Format

Each observation data file is composed as follows: The first 5 lines are the Heading and the Observation data start from the 6th line on. The heading line 1 indicates the Observation point (station) name. Line 2 shows observation date. Line 3 is the time of observation start. Line 4 indicates observation latitude and line 5 is longitude.

Concerning the data, line 6 indicates the observation items. For XBT these are Depth and Temperature while CTD and XCTD data include Depth, Temperature and Salinity. From line 7 on, the observation data are recorded sequentially by depth. Data for the 3 first observation periods (1987/1988 to 1989/1990) were measured at 10m depth intervals while the data for the other observation periods were collected at 1m depth intervals. For any inquire on the oceanographic data available here please contact Dr. Koji Matsuoka.

Oceanographic data

1 1987/1988 JARPA IV XBT
2 1988/1989 JARPA V XBT
3 1989/1990 JARPA IV XBT
4 1990/1991 JARPA V XBT
5 1991/1992 JARPA IV XBT
6 1992/1993 JARPA V XBT
7 1993/1994 JARPA IV XBT
8 1994/1995 JARPA V XBT
9 1995/1996 JARPA IV XBT
10 1996/1997 JARPA V XBT
11 1997/1998 JARPA IV XCT
12 1998/1999 JARPA V CTD XCTD
13 1999/2000 JARPA IV CTD XCTD
14 2000/2001 JARPA V CTD XCTD
15 2001/2002 JARPA IV CTD XCTD
16 2002/2003 JARPA V CTD XCTD
17 2003/2004 JARPA IV CTD XCTD
18 2004/2005 JARPA V CTD XCTD XBT
19 2005/2006 JARPA IV CTD XCTD XBT
20 2006/2007 JARPA V CTD XCTD
21 2007/2008 JARPA IV CTD XCTD
22 2008/2009 JARPA V CTD XCTD

Oceanographic data obtained by the Japanese Whale Research Program in the Antarctic (JARPA, JARPAII) are open now to the scientific community

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