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Nisshin Maru Facts and Photographs

16 February 2007

Photographs of the current situation of the Nisshin Maru can be found using this link:

Originally built to operate as a trawler, in 1991 was transformed and renamed into the whaling research mother ship Nisshin Maru.

It is Japan's largest research whaling vessel. It is utilized for both research programs in the Antarctic and the western North Pacific.

In November 1998, a fire occurred on the Nisshin Maru on the way to the Antarctic and the vessel made an emergency port call in Noumea, New Caledonia, where some repairs were carried out before she returned to Japan.

When the vessel returned to Japan at that time, it underwent extensive repairs in December 1998 to make her ready to return to the Antarctic. Almost all of the electrical components and old wiring were replaced.

Older machinery and other electrical equipment were either replaced or rebuilt, including the fire safety and prevention system and fire fighting equipment.

The Nisshin Maru undergoes a full service and maintenance check before departing each year to the Antarctic for the JARPA II research.

Launch dates of the JARPA II research vessels:

Nisshin Maru: 1987
Yushin Maru No. 2: 2002
Yushin Maru: 1998
Kyo Maru No. 1: 1971
Kyoshin Maru No. 2: 1987
Kaiko Maru: 1974

The cause of the latest fire remains unknown at this stage.


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