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Scientific contribution

New publications

Below is a list of some of the most recent scientific papers.



Isoda, T. and Tamura, T. 2017. Report of a White Adelie Penguin Pygoscelis adeliae in the Antarctic Ocean. J. Yamashina Inst. Ornithol. 48 (2): 74-77. NL-J

&Leduc, R. G., Archer, F. I., Lang, A. R., Martien, K. K., Hancock-Hanser, B., Torres-Florez, J. P., Hucke-Gaete, R., Rosenbaum, H. C., VanWaerebeek, Bownell, R. L. and Taylor, B. L. Genetic variation in blue whales in the eastern pacific: implications for taxonomy and use of common wintering grounds. Molecular Ecology 26: 740-751. NL-F Abstract, Wiley Link

Yasunaga, G., Pastene, L.A., Bando, T., Hakamada, T. and Fujise, Y. 2017. Age estimation of Antarctic minke whales Balaenoptera bonaerensis based on aspartic acid racemization technique. Fish Sci 83 (6): 947-954. L-J Abstract and PDF, Springer Link



Bando, T., Nakamura, G., Fujise, Y. and Kato, H. 2017. Developmental changes in the morphology of western North Pacific Bryde's whales (Balaenoptera edeni). Open Journal of Animal Sciences 7: 344-355. L-J Abstract and PDF, Scientific Research Link

Ishii, M., Murase, H., Fukuda, Y., Sawada, K., Sasakura, T., Tamura, T., Bando, T., Matsuoka, K., Shinohara, A., Nakatsuka, S., Katsumata, N., Okazaki, M., Miyashita, K. And Mitani, Y. 2017. Diving behavior of sei whales Balaenoptera borealis relative to the vertical distribution of their potential prey. Mammal Study 42: 1-9. NL-J Abstrac and PDF, BioOne Link

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