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Technical Reports of the Institute of Cetacean Research (TEREP-ICR)

No.1 (December, 2017) (5.53MB)




Technical Reports

Tamura, T., Matsuoka, K. and Pastene, L.A. An overview of the research programs on large whales conducted by the Institute of Cetacean Research. 1-14.

Taguchi, M., Goto, M. and Pastene, L.A. What do we know about the stock structure of Antarctic minke whales in the Indo-Pacific region of the Antarctic ? A brief review of methodologies and research outputs 15-21.

Bando, T. Laboratory and analytical approaches to estimate biological parameters in the Antarctic minke whale and summary of results 22-27.

Hakamada, T. and Matsuoka, K. Sighting survey procedures for abundance estimates of large whales in JARPA and JARPAII, and results for Antarctic minke whales 28-36.

Goto, M., Taguchi, M. and Pastene, L.A. Distribution and movement of ‘O’ and ‘J’ stock common minke whales in waters around Japan based on genetic assignment methods 37-43.

Konishi, K., Isoda, T. and Tamura, T. Overview of stomach content analyses for sei, Bryde's and common minke whales under the offshore component of JARPNII, and temporal changes in feeding habits 44-57.

Yasunaga, G. and Fujise, Y. Temporal trend of total mercury levels in common minke, sei and Bryde's whales in the western North Pacific in the period 1994-2014 58-67.

Technical Reports-Note

Goto, M., Taguchi, M. and Oikawa, H. A summary of the genetic samples of large whales collected by the Institute of Cetacean Research 68-70.


Goodman, D. Evolution of the IWC Scientific Committee 71-75.

International meetings

Participation of Scientists of the Institute of Cetacean Research in International Meetings in 2017 77-79.

Peer-reviewed publications

List of peer-reviewed publications based on the Institute of Cetacean Research (ICR)'s surveys up to 2017 81-97.

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